Sexual habits aren’t story worthy

I’m going to break one of my own rules but for the purpose of clarifying something. I try to keep every single post sports-focused and this post isn’t entirely that. Unfortunately though, there are topics in life we wish we could avoid talking about all together but it doesn’t always work that way. For example, […]

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No. 58

The question as to who should be named the best athlete to ever wear No. 58 couldn’t be more obvious. The real question is, who else deserves mention at all? Derrick Thomas left this world far too early at the age of 33 and was one of the best linebackers in NFL history. He was […]

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Combine Conversation

There are a lot of overhyped stories surrounding the NFL Combine this year. Where will Jadeveon Clowny land? Who’s gonna take the Johnny Football? Speaking of Clowny, did you hear what Dee Ford said about him? Even worse, did you hear what Adam Muema said. OK, one step at at a time, so let’s run […]

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No. 59

When it came to choosing the best player to wear No. 59, it was kind of a no brainer and it turned out to be yet another Pittsburgh Steeler. But how can one say anybody but Jack Ham. He’s arguably the best outside linebacker in NFL history. Ham was selected to eight Pro Bowls. He […]

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Best of the 60s

When I sat down to write about the Best of the 60s, I had no idea who I was gonna choose. It was between Mario Lemieux and Otto Graham. Truth is, I know more way more about Graham because I’m a way bigger fan of football than I am hockey but that’s not to say […]

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Defining a sport

The following post was written several years ago but the topic seems to come up over and over during the Olympics so perhaps it’s time for a reminder. I have made a few adjustments but overall, it’s all the same. Hope you enjoy: When it comes to sports, one must ask “where’s the line?”. No, […]

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No. 60

How weird would it be to see a quarterback wear No. 60 these days? Well that was the case way back when during the leather helmet days when Otto Graham was quarterback of the Cleveland Browns. He’s one of the best players to put on any type of football helmet and is the best player […]

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Groundhog Super Sunday

Happy Groundhog Day. More importantly, Happy Super Bowl Sunday. Why can’t every day be like Super Sunday? If we combine Groundhog Day and Super Bowls Sunday, then wow, how great would that be? Just imagine waking up at the same time every morning, not having to go into work and knowing there was a big […]

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No. 61

It was just a matter of time until a baseball player landed on The Hague Sports Countdown it’s Josh Becket at No. 61. The right-handed pitcher has a career record of 132-100. He has an ERA of 3.94 and 1,794 strikeouts. Beckett was drafted in 1998 and began his MLB career with the Florida Marlins […]

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No. 62

It’s hard to argue against Jim Langer as one of the best to ever play the center position. It’s even harder to argue against him as being the greatest athlete to ever wear No. 62. He was drafted by the Miami Dolphins in 1970 where he spent the first nine years of his career. He […]

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