Down and out in Texas

by Nathan Hague

It’s certainly no secret the Rangers have been hit by the injury bug. Hard. To add insult to injury, the season hasn’t even started yet. Perhaps the best hope for Rangers fans is the team is getting its injuries out of the system early. However that may be wishful thinking.

These injuries are fluke accidents, but it’s one after another and one can’t help but wonder if there’s a Madden Curse equivalent to baseball. Perhaps it’s one that instead of taking down individual players, it wipes out an entire team. How else do you explain Derek Holland’s bizarre injury he suffered after falling down the stairs while playing with his dog? What can you say about the news of Jurickson Profar being down and out for 10-12 weeks? What about the news that came out the very next day of Geovany Soto missing the same amount of time with a knee injury? On top of that, rumor has it that Yu Darvish may not be ready to go opening day.

If Darvish doesn’t make it opening day, chances are he’ll be ready to go no later than the second series at the very latest but still, it’s obvious there’s something else happening which can’t be easily explained. Perhaps the fact the season hasn’t started is actually good news. After all, 162 games makes for a long season so there’s still plenty of time to recuperate and make a run at deep in the playoffs. Also, just take comfort in knowing it’s not about how you start but how you finish. Like many rules, curses are made to be broken.

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1 Travis J March 26, 2014 at 22:25

“curses are made to be broken.”

#freedom #merica

–Travis J, MBA


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