Stern Line

by Nathan Hague

I know it’s been a week now but that means I’ve had a week to reflect and think about the ridiculousness of David Stern and how much of a tyrant he really is. Fining the San Antonio Spurs $250,000 was even further proof the guy wants to be in control.

This begs several questions, but in mind, the biggest one is, “Where is the line?”

Tim Duncan and Tony Parker are by no means in their prime anymore and having all those games on the road can take a toll. It’s a good thing Stern isn’t the commissioner of Major League Baseball because Ron Washington would be fined up and down all year.

Nonetheless; the line. If the Spurs starters are at 90 percent, does that qualify as being reason enough to take them out? After all, it’s not 100 percent and maybe Greg Popovich, who knows what’s best for his team, wants those guys to be 100 percent for next week’s games. If 90 percent isn’t low enough to validate not playing a starter, what’s the highest valid percentage?

If Stern and the NBA really do care, if they’re really looking out for the fans’ best interest as they claim, then what about fining teams for making poor personnel decisions? If Duncan was a free agent and gave the Spurs first chance at re-signing him but they decline, does the despot Stern fine them for their decision? Or what about simply pulling the starters at a crucial time?

Perhaps Stern should go look at the teams at the bottom of the league and fine the coaches and owners for not putting the best product on the court. This may sound ridiculous, but is it?

I only wish we could fine Stern for not being the best commissioner that the league and its fans truly deserve. What Stern did was uncalled for and quite frankly, February 2014 can’t get here soon enough.

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