Worth the Hamiltons?

by Nathan Hague

Sports fans are the most forgiving a gracious people when it comes to their teams. Rangers fans fall near the top of this category but Josh Hamilton has managed to push the envelope too far.

Saying he was in a slump as punishment from God for continuing his dipping habit? Weird, but many fans (myself included) were willing to give him a pass. Then when he missed five games due to having too much caffeine, we were extremely puzzled and irritated at the same time.

We would’ve been able to forgive and forget about all that had it not been for what happened in the final game, game No. 162 against the Oakland Athletics. The winner wins the division.

The Rangers had just given up a 4-run lead and the game was now tied at 5. Hamilton drops a fly ball, makes no effort to field the ball he just dropped and allowed the A’s to score a pair of runs to take a 7-5 lead. The fans got no apology, just a smirk as he kind of laughed it off. If this incident were to have happened in the middle of June, it’s not a big deal, but now, this is the difference between winning the division and having to win Friday night in order to keep the season alive.

Had this incident in Oakland not happened at all and instead he catches the ball, fans would’ve been more than willing to forget about the weirdness of the caffeine incident, as long as he was producing on the field. But no, not only is he not producing, he’s acting like he doesn’t even care.

Is he looking to next year and thinking about the new deal he’ll land? I’d like to think not, but I have no idea what he might be thinking.

In an interview with Emily Jones on the Hague Sports Podcast, she reminds us that Josh said, “It’s me we’re talking about here. Guys, it’s me. It’s Josh. It’s going to be something weird.”

OK, maybe we didn’t take his warning seriously, but if he knows it’s going to be weird, why doesn’t he change it? Too much caffeine really? That’s never stopped me from doing my job and it never will, especially if I were to ever have his salary.

Hamilton will get a ton of money wherever he goes. Let’s just hope whatever team he lands on is able to handle the weirdness.

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