Say no to No. 18

by Nathan Hague

Many of you may or may not have heard, but Peyton Manning’s jersey has been banned from the Weld County School District in Denver. Apparently the numbers 13,14,18,31,41, and 81 are gang signs. While we’re not sure how that makes
any sense, we did receive a letter for the Drama Queen Award which was given away on the last podcast episode. Check it out below and hear it on the podcast.

Dear Hague Sports
First of all, we like to express our gratitudes for what the Drama Queen award stands for. We agree it’s the best thing for people who are less fortunate in the world of sports who are being told what to do and just because they make more money than others out there, they have to listen to their bosses. Having said that, we’re also extremely grateful for the award because its a substitute to those terrible Numbers such as 13,14,18,31,41 and 81 being warn on jerseys. If I’ve taught my kids to run away from those numbers at all costs because they are terrible gang signs and because of this, we wil;not celebrate birthdays for them when they turn these ages.

The next thing I want to teach my kids is wearing a tiarra is the right way to go. It’s the symbol of everything we should all strive to be. I’m sure you’d agree that this would be a much safer and better place if it was full of Drama Queen Award winners. I now ask you for your consideration in giving the Weld County school officials the honor of being the Hague Sports Drama Queen winner, that way we can have much more positive message for all the kids. Thanks so much for your consideration

P.S. Since you are in Dallas, any chance you can ship us over some Dirk Nowitzki jersey’s? My son who is two years away from his 15th birthday is a big fan.

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