Get with the program

by Nathan Hague

Something tells me college conferences are going to start lasting about as long as a Hollywood marriage. OK, that might be a little harsh on the conferences because most of them are guaranteed to last at least a couple years.

Truth is though somebody has to get their act together. It might the NCAA itself, the schools, the presidents of the conferences because it’s a little too out of hand.

The Big 10 actually has 12 teams while the Big 12 has 10. The logical thing would be for those two conferences to switch names but the moment that happens, one of those conferences would gain or lose a team so it’d be pointless.

Then you might say they should name them based on location, like the SEC, ACC Big East and others. The problem is that’s also pointless now. When you have a school as far west like Boise State joining the Big East, it just shows how pointless it is to name your conference based on geography.

Boise State has no business joining the Big East and it just comes to show the NCAA, the schools and conferences are all about money. We’ve heard constant talk about how the “student athletes” are “students first and athletes second.”

The problem with that is it couldn’t be further from the truth these days. If the president of the NCAA, the conferences and schools were so concerned with the time these student athletes were missing in the classroom, they wouldn’t have them playing across the country on a Thursday night.

Let’s be honest and call it how it is. The schools that move are doing it for money and the conferences as well as the NCAA are allowing it for the same reason. If they were to admit that and say, “This is a great opportunity for our program to bring in some revenue,” instead of denying what we all know is true, that’s OK, but don’t lie about it.

It’s not just affecting the football teams but the entire athletic department and forcing these students athletes (many of whom are going pro in something other than sports) to miss class time and quite possibly, be less productive in school and other areas of life, many of which they plan go pro. Let’s just hope they show more professionalism than the NCAA, their school presidents and the presidents of the Universities.

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