Top 10 Super Bowl Party Rules

by Nathan Hague

I first came up with my own Top 10 Super Bowl Party rules four years ago, the last time the Patriots and Giants met in the Super Bowl, and I’ve done it ever since. Why stop now? Especially since the two are going head-to-head in a rematch where the winner team will have its fourth ring.

The reason for publishing it is because I’ve sadly seen and heard of many Super Bowl parties that break the unwritten rules, and it was unfortunately needed to make those unwritten rules written. These are near and dear to my heart, and I can only hope they will be near and dear to yours as well.

Even though the matchup isn’t the best, Happy Super Bowl Sunday.

10. At least bring something to eat and/or drink. No free-riders. If you join a party, you need to contribute. While we’re speaking of food, this is one great opportunity for junk food. This is one night you don’t have to worry about eating healthy. Enjoy!

9. Don’t be making party rounds. Just pick a party and stick to it. They’re all watching the same game. At least they should be. (*Sidenote: If you feel you must leave a party abiding by the rules, do so at halftime.)

8. No asking someone to explain the game to you. This is the last game of the season, the 21st week in football. In other words, you’ve had 20 other weeks this season to ask questions. If you don’t know football, well, it’s too little too late. Learn by watching, not by asking.

7. Don’t show up and ask “who’s playing?”. If you don’t know this ahead of time, don’t come.

6. Don’t root for a team based on uniforms nor who’s up in the game. Choose who you are pulling for before it starts.(*Sidenote: This one is probably harder than ever, but I will follow it regardless because it’s not right for me to hold others to this standard if I’m not going to follow it myself.)

5. No going into the other room to watch a movie. You’d figure this goes without saying, but I actually know of a Super Bowl party where this happened. No, I was not there.

4. No asking “Who’s winning?”. Seriously now, it’s on the screen.

3. No asking “How much time is left”? It’s near the score on the screen.

2. Don’t mute the game and turn up the commercials. The commercials are WAY OVERRATED and not what they used to be. We’re not living in the days of the Budweiser frogs. Gosh those were good.

1. Don’t ask “What else is on?” In just a few moments, it’s all going to be over. You can enjoy something else really soon for about 6 six months. (Sidenote: Just FYI: There are far more days in a year without football than there are with it, so I don’t want to hear any complaining about this great game.)

So there you have it. Hopefully the game will turn out better than how it looks, and remember, there are things you can have friendly wagers on with your friends to make it at least somewhat interesting. Click here for examples of that.

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