No. 38

by Nathan Hague

Curt Schilling didn’t get his call from Cooperstown, much to the surprise of many people. You’d be hard-pressed to find too many people who have played the game better than Schilling and you’d be even more hard-pressed to find a better athlete in all of sports to wear No. 38.

One of the things Schilling will be remembered for the most is the bloody sock in the 2004 ALCS against the Yankees. The right-handed pitcher played for five teams in a career that lasted from 1988 until 2007. During that career, he became a six-time All Star, a three-time World Series champion which included a World Series MVP in 2001. He was the NLCS MVP in 1993and he won the Roberto Clemente Award in 2001.
He finished his career with an overall record of 216-146, throwing 3,116 strikeouts with an ERA of 3.46.
So why hasn’t he a Hall of Famer?

“That’s a great question,” Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci and National Sportswriter of the Year said on the Hague Sports Podcast. “I think he’s a Hall of Famer but I understand why some people might think he’s not a first ballot Hall of Famer. He’s probably not a slam-dunk candidate because of a low win total but I don’t see a lot of difference between Curt Schilling, Mike Mussina and John Smoltz and I’m really happy that Smoltz got it but to see Smoltz get so many more votes than the other guys, it’s surprising. When I look back on it, the closest comparison to Schilling is not John Smoltz but it’s Dohn Drysdale and it took Drysdale eight or nine ballots to get into the Hall of Fame. I think some day Mussina and Schilling will get in but it’s looking like it’s going to take a few years for that to happen.”

Hall of Fame or not, there’s certainly no question that Schilling is the best athlete to ever wear No. 38.


NFL to use Nerf footballs?

by Nathan Hague

The following may not be true, but how big of a stretch is it really?

GLENDALE AZ — In the wake of what many are calling “DeflateGate”, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell proposed his own solution: “Nerf or Nothing”.

“There are many advantages to using Nerf footballs and to quickly dismiss the ideas of implementing them into our league would be a disservice,” Goodell said in a Thursday afternoon press conference. “By moving to Nerf footballs, we can avoid deflation issues altogether.”

Goodell added the recent controversy involving the New England Patriots deflating game balls wasn’t the sole reason for him endorsing Nerf.

“It’s actually something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time,” he said. “The latest incident was the straw that broke the camel’s back. We’re doing everything we can to make this game safer and there certainly would be less jammed fingers and injuries in general.”

The commissioner’s proposition sounds farfetched and getting the approval of the owners won’t be easy but Goodell says he’s up for the challenge.

“It’s definitely the most logical solution and I have faith in our owners’ ability to see that,” he added. “It’s safer. It’s cheaper and if we were only using last week, we wouldn’t be in this situation that we’re in now. Plus it’ll be more fun for the fans and easier for them to afford an official NFL game ball.”

How likely is the move for the NFL to use Nerf footballs? Only time will tell.


No. 39

In 1968, Akron, Ohio native Larry Csonka took his talents to South Beach when he was drafted by the Miami Dolphins. It was there that the fullback sported No. 39 and helped lead the 1972 Dolphins to a perfect 17-0 record on their way to win Super Bowl VII. The Dolphins went back the following […]

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Best of the 40s

When it comes to choosing the best of the 40s in our Jersey Countdown, there’s really no contest. When one’s number is retired league wide in his sport, that says all you need to know. That’s the cast for Jackie Robinson, and only Jackie Robinson who’s No. 42 is retired from the sport, except for […]

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No. 40 – Gale Sayers

There have been some good athletes to wear the number 40 over the years and in all sports. Bill Laimbeer comes to mind in the NBA, Troy Percival was a good baseball closer once completing 42 saves in one season. But in my opinion, the best player to ever wear No. 40 was Gale Sayers. […]

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Super Bowl Winners’ Bracket

As sports fans, we’re all constantly comparing athletes and teams of different eras when there’s really no way of knowing for certain. How would Tom Brady do against Terry Bradshaw? Could Troy Aikman and company beat the Packers in the Ice Bowl? Well perhaps now we can know. I’ve put together a bracket of all […]

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NBA Preview

On our last podcast, we previewed the NBA by giving our Finals Preview, MVP and Coach of the Year. Before we get too far into the NBA, I just like to say I change my pick for Coach of the Year from Rick Carlisle to Doc Rivers. The reason for change is not because the […]

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No. 41

Dirk Nowitzki is a legend. If there were a real Mount Rushmore of Dallas sports, one would be hard pressed not to include him on there, but that’s a debate for another time. There’s no debate that Nowitzki is beloved by Dallas and he has returned that love. He could’ve made way more money playing […]

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No. 42

There was no decision when it came to picking the best player to ever wear No. 42. In fact, not only was it the easiest one so far, it just might be the easiest we’ll see in the entire countdown. It doesn’t hurt that the No.42 was retired across the board in all of Major […]

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No. 43

In this jersey number countdown series, the majority of athletes we’ve featured have moved on from the game. That’s not the case for Troy Polamalu who is not only still playing but you could argue, is still in his prime. Polamalu is one of the best safeties in the game and will go down as […]

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